The Release Notes - UltraFluid Modeler BETA2

Release Notes v
- Diagrams fixed in databasse
- Arrow Type in Property Grid
- Dash Line Type in Property Grid
- New simple Connectors
- Handling delete key and arrow keys for moving objects

Release Notes v
- Text is not duplicate by Text Dialog Box
- Text does not wrap
- Feature Text OnChar et Caret
- Feature Delete

Release Notes v
- Feature Load/Save Database done with dialogs
- sqlite build
- SQLite wrapper
- Windows Manager
- New Window feature

Release Notes v
- Select All faster display with selecting only the last element

Release Notes v
- Paper background and show/hide in Ribbon Options

Release Notes v
- Text connector 1&2 serialized as properties
- Text connectors displayed properly
- Splash screen 3s
- Connectors facilities is made with DrawTracker now...
- Shape text can be multiline and can expand larger than dialog box

Release Notes v
- Modify text doing a double click on a shape

Release Notes v
- Add connectors to drag handle and flicking shape to show handles
- Add shapes using Saphe Explorer and doing right click Add...

Release Notes BETA 2 Initial
- Copy, Cut, Paste
- Simple, intuitive selection of the first line, only lines, only elements
- Adding an image
- Addition of a generic shape (rectangle, ellipse, etoire, various arrow, etc)
- Adding a text box
- Addition of an infrastructure template (AD server, Database server, Web server, desktop, etc.)
- Adding a Dev template (class, interface, enum, component, comment, package, etc.)
- Adding a Diagram template
- Addition of a Planning Task, Month or Text element
- Modification of text properties (font, size, size +, size -, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, fill, color)
- Display of Solution, Class, Properties panels
- Deletion of an element
- Import of C ++ code and drawing of a template by file
- Dump objects in the Debug panel
- File Explorer module: lists files and directories in the form of templates
- Adds a connector (arrow) between two templates
- Disconnect a connector
- Select an element from a combo (element name)
- Increase / Decrease the size of an element by two
- Change the fill color
- Change the line color
- Modify the line width
- Change page color
- Zoom In / out
- Selection of a custom zoom
- Text alignment left, centered, right
- Alignment of templates left, right, above, below depending on the first selected
- Moving in front of top, behind -, in front +, behind at the bottom
- Selection of an element to move it
- Resizing of an element
- Group / Ungroup of elements
- Modification of properties in the Property Grid
- Load / Save documents
- Import / Export of documents in JSON format
- Import / Export of documents in XML format
- Export diagrams as an image in PNG format